ADDON GRTC - Gibonz Railway Train Controller [Update v.1.2.0]


# Added support for Polar Express Train

# Better cornering capabilities.

GRTC or Gibonz Railway Train Controller, is a Generation 2 train controller ADDON from its predecessor, GMTC. After carrying out the development process for more than 1 year, we can finally update our controller to make it even better.

The new features available in GRTC are as follows:

This chair can be used to choose a sitting position in the train, or can also be used to decorate animated sittings in other places.

Sitting animation with GRTC controller

Free to choose your seating position in the train

This teleport is used to move a series of trains instantly, and place the train in the location you want.

Move the train with the power of telekinesis

Clear is used to delete the entire train set, along with the seats. so you don't need to bother eliminating the trains one by one

This GRTC has the ability to pass through curved rails and pass through junction.

GR Nemesis Violet passes through the turning route of Petak Ravillion - Cilembu

Fast & Simple
GRTC has a controller that is much simpler and easier to understand, and has a higher train speed than the previous controller.

Simpler, more practical and more powerful than the previous controller

Cruise Control
GRTC has an auto pilot option or automatically runs without holding the controller, if you place the controller in the rightmost position.

The rightmost slot is for AUTO PILOT

Explanation & Controller Function
You can find GRTC by typing "gc" in your creative inventory, then you will find all GRTC controllers

GRTC Controller

Used to run the train forward, 5 speeds are provided.
Used to run the train backwards, 5 speeds are provided.

Used to adjust the position of the trainsets

Used to make it easier for you to move or remove trains quickly.

Disadvantages of GRTC
Our controller is still very far from perfect, make sure you lower your expectations so you don't get disappointed.
  1. Only able to carry 3/4 of the carriages, GRTC is obliged to render the entire train series while it is running, because if it is not rendered, the series could disappear/break.
  2. Avoid rail switch, even though GRTC can pass switches, sometimes the trains like to turn in unexpected directions (randomly), give a distance between switches and a straight track of around 25 blocks.
  3. Sometimes the train sways a bit when passing a curved track
  4. There is no animation of the train going up/down if it passes uphill/downhill rails
How to use GRTC:
1. When creating a new world. Activate cheats in your world settings as shown in the image below
by Ekasarga

2. Take a Command Block
3. Open Command Block and follow as shown in the image below

4. Change the train name to loc1 - loc9 for train, and b1 - b9 for boggie.
5. put the train set on the rails
6. Tidy up the trainsets with the position controller
7. Drive the train

If you are still confused about how to use GRTC, you can watch the video HERE

GRTC only supported for Minecraft Bedrock & PE with 1.20 version or above.

Click here for POLAR EXPRESS naming scheme
GRTC PRO, is advanced controller developed from GRTC. this controller will enable you to control more than single trainset in minecraft world. So you can play with your friends together! yay. In order to run GRTC PRO, you must install the basic GRTC before you can use the advanced GRTC PRO.
DOWNLOAD [Minimum version 1.20.41+]

With this controller, you will add another 8 trainsets + 1 trainset from GRTC. so 9 Trainsets in total!
If you are still confused about how to use GRTC PRO, you can watch the video HERE