World KAI Tebet Station

KAI Tebet Station, this is the station where we first carried out a development project with a server that was no longer public. There are many things that support us in returning to private servers, the main thing that makes us return to private servers is the condition of the server which is too laggy if many players join, and also the server which is not conducive (many are griefing and also many are begging for elytra).

We started at Tebet Station by making this small entrance, and it is used as a motorbike parking area and there is a view of the Tebet sewer which connects to Cawang Station.

This place is the main entrance to Tebet where there are lots of motorbike taxis and autorickshaws hanging around here. and inside there is a garden and several vendors serving magic potions.

There is a Tebet integration stop which is used for boarding and disembarking Transjakarta passengers and of course also motorbike taxi drivers who use this stop location to drop off and pick up passengers..

Tebet has a park that is quite large and quite comfortable if used for chasing activities with Dutch fleas (endermites) or bagas (zoglin). Actually, in the middle of the park there is not a pond. However, because in the past, during the construction process, lots of pillagers appeared in the area where we built the pond. Instead of disturbing the builders, we finally made a pond so that the pillagers couldn't spawn anymore.

This is one of the entrances that is quite exotic, where I was quite interested in the design of the roof that covers the entire entrance to the main road. coupled with the integration of the park beside it, makes everything blend harmoniously.

This is the platform from Tebet Station, maybe the view of the platform in Minecraft that we made is different from the original condition. where originally the Tebet Station platform used a lower platform with stairs added to it, whereas in the minecraft we made it uses an upper platform.
Tebet Station also has a flyover that crosses the route between Tebet - Manggarai Station, and this is our first experience in designing and manufacturing a flyover. The challenge we faced when building this flyover was determining where the poles would be located, which took up quite a lot of land, but fortunately we had done the calculations. MUAHAHAHAHA. only revised twice...

If you are interested in trying Tebet Station, make sure your Minecraft version is at or above 1.20.30

DOWNLOAD St. Tebet Bedrock & PE