Route GR Ravillion - Shelby

This route is equipped with ADDON GR Nemesis Skyline, GRTC, and GR Envi in ​​one map. which means you only need to press a button to enjoy the train journey with our fantasy map. The stations on this route are Humba-Humba, Ravillion, Glaceon, Nintill and Shelby. all this only takes one press of a button and you just have to enjoy the journey.

With the GR Envi which adds train sounds, notification alerts, station bell sounds and train horns, it makes train travel better and feels more like riding a train.

This route is also equipped with ATS, which will make the train journey automatically to its destination.

GRTC 1.0 is also installed on the route, so if you want to control the train manually, you can still do it.

If you want to download this GR Nemesis Skyline route, make sure your device is strong enough to run it. Because this route has an addon installed, it causes this route to be very difficult if run on a device with below average specifications.

If you experience AUDIO SYNC problems, such as the sound of the train stopping first or not matching the journey, this is because you are experiencing lag. so the audio sound with different train journeys. So make sure your device is strong enough to play this GR Nemesis Skyline route.

NOTE: Don't leave your train unrendered while moving. otherwise it'll despawn.

Also make sure your Minecraft version is equivalent to or higher than version 1.20.12