ADDON Locomotive CC206 is a locomotive that was made when we released Pasar Senen Station. This is the 2nd generation version of ADDON CC206 that we have ever made. Gen-1 was made when we were still learning to make ADDON and was released at Gambir Station.

ADDON This CC206 locomotive has a capacity of 12 seats, of which 4 are in the cabin (2 front cabins, 2 rear cabins), 6 seating positions are on the left and right sides of the locomotive, and 2 are on the roof of the locomotive.

We made several variations of livery flavors for this CC206 Locomotive ADDON. starting from vanilla Livery KAI, Panah, G20, Nataru, Ramadan, Hypetrip, even the special livery used to serve on the GR route.

Use GRTC Controller

If you are interested in downloading KAI CC206, make sure your Minecraft version is equal to or higher than version 1.20