Include ALL of our TRAIN STATION and EVERYTHING. Our Journey starts when the version of the minecraft still 1.16, what we do in this world is just having fun with our friend, do survival thingy like normal minecraft players do. Mining some Diamonds and killing Ender Dragon.

But then something happen, when we getting richer and having more resources than ever. we start thinking to build something BIG and something memorable for our World. then, we start by decorating our WORLD SPAWN, we also create some lobby. so, when new players join to our world. they already get everything in the spawn region.

After that, we start build something that can useful for another people, aaaaand... i'm thinking how about Train Stations? we can build multiple Train Stations and we can travel to another place with ease... Thats when we first time creating Humba-Humba Station in the spawn region.

First, we uploaded our hobby of building train Station in Minecraft in Youtube and it seems people kind of liking it. After that, we keep continue create another Train Station, either its full Fantasy or based from Real World.

If you are interested to know what we already created since 1.16 untill now, you can download our world in here if you are using BEDROCK / PE and click HERE if you are using JAVA. Make sure your minecraft version is 1.20.31 or above in order to play in our World. HAVE FUN...

Fast Forward, now we have colorful type of building. not only Train Stations. We also have Cities, Village, Park, Disneyland (kinda) and another type of building. Build by very talented Builders that ever join in our World and give their effort, time, love and passion in Minecraft.

Until now, our Overworld is never get any reset. we keep all the building since the first time we create the world in 1.16, and now. we already expand our world to approximately +- 30000 blocks radius. we also always manage to keep all the building in pristine conditions. and we are really cautious of choosing new player to join  our world, so we can avoid things like Griefing and Destroying our beloved world.