ADDON GR Tokyu Dorifto

GR Tokyu Dorifto, this is our first commuter train in Gibonz Railway fleets and its originated to serves between Shelby to Meihatsu Station. This train is modified version of Tokyu 8500 that being imported from Japan, they dont need this rusty bucket anymore, so we adopt it. give it a new livery and VOILA, this train finally have a new life in our GR Company.

We use our company color for the livery of the trains. and this train feels much more simple but yet good looking perhaps?, this train originally is going to be used in drift train racing competition and will going to compete with GR Nemesis-R trains. But this train is having a lot of issues (crashes, unstable, very laggy) thats why we never put this train goes to the public (Until now).

We also modified the drivetrain of the car itself. this train is originally will get power by using overhead wires, but in GR we dont like overhead wires so instead we will going to use Diesel Powered Engine in order to run this train.

The interior is being modified with our GR standard color scheme, everything from the seating, floor, roof, walls, and even the luggage space is being color coded to match our company color scheme.
This train soon will going to have its own shows. stay tuned to see what things that Tokyu Dorifto will going to show you in the future!