GR 206 EVO, this is the third Locomotives that we have for Gibonz Railway company. This locomotive is used to haul luxury premium cars and will going to take a journey between Meihatsu to Motegi Train Station.
GR Suzuka and Motegi Station is the highest train station in Gibonz Railway Network. with +130 Blocks above sea level. Because the extreme condition in Meihatsu to Motegi with a lot of climbing, we need extra performance and beast machine in order to get to our destination.

We also modified the interior design just a lil bit, to match the rest of the design. we use cocoa chocolate for the main color along with the gold stripes and white color to achieve premium and elegant looks.

We try to simplify the livery design of EVO trainsets. and we got inspired from Rocky Mountaineer livery design. i think this is the last livery that we will going to use in this locomotive. Because there is too much livery only for this models. So... next time, we will going to have our own Locomotives.

Welcome passengers! you're now in the GR EVO Eleganto Train that will going to take you from Meihatsu to Motegi. Yap, this is the passengers cars that will going to become the EVO Trainsets. we use modified Indonesian Panoramic trains to match our need in Gibonz Railway.

We use simple stripes design with little bit of small decorating in the livery, with EVO branded logo in the middle of the cars (Just to make everyone knows). this is our second modified premium carriages that we have after GR Bullet that will going to take the passengers with its charms.

This train interior is uses simple plain white color for the wall of the trains, and uses premium high grade turkish carpet with elegant design for the flooring. it really make the train feels so much elegant and luxurious, and also we can bump our price of the tickets because of this (Muahahahahaha...)

DOWNLOAD Locomotive GR 206 Evo
DOWNLOAD GR Evo Eleganto

Your Minecraft version need to be 1.20 or higher in order to run our trains properly, our ADDON is supported for you who play in Bedrock & Pocket Edition.

You also need GRTC in order to control the train.