American Currency Minecraft ADDON

Did you tired of only having Gold, Emerald or Diamond as your Minecraft Currency? Don't worry, now you can have proper money for your Minecraft world transaction. we adding all currency down from a single penny to 10k Dollar!

Now you can become a MILLIONARE! (i mean, in your minecraft world). REMEMBER, too much money is not good. not only for your psychology, but also your DEVICE. it can make your world lagging so much or even crash if you tried to become a TRILLIONARE. (we warn you...)

Our money have some interesting physic, you can stack them to the moon or you can bump them. its really fun to play jenga with 10k money!

If you rich enough, please buy some vault. or maybe you are the type of person who really love to show stuff with other. (i do as well)

nah, don't worry its LEGIT money. don't think about it.

Only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE
DOWNLOAD [version 1.20+]