Minecraft Gibonz Railway Train ADDON

Gibonz Railway (GR) is a Minecraft railway industry company that has been operating since May 4, 2023. Built on a foundation of technical expertise and dedication to providing the best travel experience to Minecraft train users, GR has been a pioneer in creating innovative transportation solutions in the virtual world. Since its founding, the company has pursued a vision to deliver modern rail systems and creative designs never before seen in the real world.

Use GRTC to Control the TRAIN

New Release

High Speed Train
GR GVT Viper
GR GVT Viper is our first ever high speed train that we ever created, this train is first developed in August 3, 2023. and reach the final design in mid September. We finally have our first ever production unit in late October.

Intercity Train
GR Nemesis
GR Nemesis is an local & intercity trains that connect to all Gibonz Loop Line network, this train is widely used in Gibonz Railway, covering almost 80% of the entire network. This train also connect to the rural area where no other train have access to.

We also create custom Passenger Train either its modified version of real passenger car, or it can be built from complete scratch. Our limitation is only our imagination. if you have cool ideas about designing carriages or locomotives or anything, you can visit our youtube channel, commented on there and tell us about your ideas.

Gibonz Railway Network is rarely using any overhead wires in almost the entire network, but we till provide Commuter Train with modified engine, so we can use a standard fossil fuel or we can use electricity if someday we electrified all of our network.