GR GVT Viper, GVT which stands for (Gibonz Veloce Train) is our first attempt to create high speed train completely from scratch. and VIOLA, we proud to presents our train to the world and also to enrich our Gibonz Railway fleets.
So far, we still only have 2 Trains that we create from scratch, GR Nemesis and GR GVT Viper. this new rolling stock will going to serve High Speed Rail network between Dezchester to Crotalus (will be expanded).

This New High Speed Train is powered by dual V8 Engine from Hennessey Performance, and also equipped with 6 Turbochargers for adding more Horses (MORE POWAA BAAABY). The result is beautiful magnificent 3000 HORSES with 4000 Newton of  Torque! The Acceleration will going to break your neck with astonishing 3 G's when this train is going with blasting 100% throttle.

In the power unit, we also added 4 seating for the crew, engineer and mechanics to relax and enjoy the scenery when there is no problem is occurring. We also added some Titanium Grade 5 Frame and Sheet Wall between the seat and the engine. (in case if the engine goes DDDUUAAAR)

We also use Carbon Fiber Monocoque in our roof scops, this decision is made because we wanted something Stylish but also Rigid, Strong and Lightweight. Not only that, we also created some fins to make the aerodynamics of this train better with low turbulence and also make this train looks cool.

We also added the rear observation deck for the crew to control the train from the back. in case if they need to perform some quick connect and disconnect between carriages. this feature is really handy and and also unique. Maybe if you wanted to run the train backward?

This train can go well over 288 Kph with just flick of a finger. (0 Second 0 Kph, 1 Second later BOOM 288Kph) we also use very smart intelligent torque vectoring techniques that allow us to cram every single grip that this train have. so it will go with instant torque without any slips! 

Despite this train is equipped with very-very capable high performance Hennessey Engine. Sadly we cannot operate at full 288 Kph speed. because of our Minecraft infrastructure really does not support that kind of velocity. So, we will going to use this train at 50% capacity or 144 Kph for everyday use.

GR Viper Prestige, this is the premium business class carriage in Viper Trainsets. it can accommodate 16 wealthy, rich, 7 figures people in it. the seat configuration for this train is 1 + 1 layout with half of them facing in different direction.

This car is having 2 doors in one end of the carriage, with the other end is occupied with Buffet and Toilet to accommodate 16 premium seating. Sadly our carriages is design to use high, raised platform. maybe we will create another cars that can support low level platform in the future.

This is the interior of Viper Prestige Class, we use simple, smart, modern and also family friendly livery for the decoration of the interior. in each seat, we also added an entertainment such as small tv, very large table, 2 USB Type-C Port and also the footrest.

We use Premium Seating for our Prestige Passengers. with a lot of padding for the seating and very spacious leg room, sadly for you who seat in the middle of the Prestige Car. you won't get any entertainment like the other seat does. Instead, you'll get a very large exposed carbon fiber table that you can share with the other strangers in front of you. (Playing UNO perhaps? Jenga? or Chess?)

We will going to add another carriages and also another livery for Viper Trainset in the future, so stay tuned!

You also need GRTC in order to control the train.