The Polar Express, a train based on the inspiration from the movie "The Polar Express" is finally now available exclusively in Minecraft Bedrock & Pocket Edition!

Thanks to Hyperest he has managed to make this fantasy train a reality!

Hyperest created a locomotive section complete with animated moving wheels, smokes and also the distinctive sound of the Polar Express horn.

Inside the locomotive, there are 2 seating positions for the driver and it is also equipped with animated flames and also an analog lever.

It wouldn't be complete if Polar Express wasn't added with a tender, Hyperest also added a tender which of course is complete with moving wheel animations!

This is the passenger carriage that will take you on a journey using the Polar Express train, of course equipped with animations of opening doors, rotating wheels and also shaking of the train while it is running.

The interior is classic and adds to the sensation when riding the Polar Express

If you don't want to be in a passenger carriage and want to experience the pleasure of fresh air and views from the back of the train. Of course Hyperest has made an observation carriage to make this happen.

There is a VIP room at the end of the observation car.

Use this naming scheme for Polar Express Trainsets

If you are interested in trying the Polar Express Train, you can visit Hyperest website.

You also need GRTC in order to control the train.