ADDON GR Nemesis


GR Nemesis is a local train that serves on the Gibonz Loop Line, this train uses nuclear fuel with a V12 G1LM engine from a Lamborghini Countach, which will provide a power output of around 600 Horsepower. This GR Nemesis train also has 6 different color variants. and can accommodate up to 13 players per carriage.

The GR Nemesis train, inspired by the E257 KRL series made in Japan. We took the design of the livery motif and glass layout. then we modify all the parts of the train with our own imagination.
Front view of GR Nemesis Sunshine & Sakura

GR Nemesis has a capacity of up to 13 passengers, with 1 machinist slot, 1 engine room technician slot, 9 passenger cabin slots & 1 landing slot.

Conditions inside the GR Nemesis Sunshine carriage
Machinist Cabin
The driver's cabin seating position in the GR Nemesis Sunshine is right in the middle with a slightly high seating position (due to the bogie position).
Conditions inside the driver's cabin of the GR Nemesis train

Powerful Engine
The GR Nemesis is equipped with a V12 engine from Lamborghini which has a power output of up to 600 Horsepower and a torque of up to 800 Nm, making this car capable of being driven at high speeds. and using nuclear fuel.

Engine Room with V12 Lamborghini

6 Livery
GR Nemesis has 6 livery variants, each of which has the intention of serving in a different line, the 6 liveries are as follows:

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Livery Sunshine
Sunshine is the mascot color of our GR Nemesis, which symbolizes the Gibonz channel and also has a golden yellow color which means glory. The GR Nemesis Sunshine will serve between Humba-Humba Station and Ravillion. (Routes may change at any time)

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only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+

Livery Sakura
Sakura is a magenta pink flower color, and was inspired by the cherry blossom trees in Japan. The inspiration for making the cherry blossom color started when Minecraft updated 1.20 and finally we decided to make the livery.

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only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+

Livery Skyline
Skyline is the name of a very famous sports car in Japan, namely the Nissan Skyline GTR, and their car is famous for its unique blue color. so we named it Skyline.

use GRTC controller
only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+

Livery Eco
Eco is a livery that symbolizes environmental friendliness, green energy, people and also symbolizes calm. so the GR Nemesis Eco train will be a train that circles all the stations on the Gibonz Loop Line and stops at all of these stations.

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only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+

Livery Violet
Violet is a special GR Nemesis train that will be used as a tourist train. In the process of making it, we almost wanted to cancel the release of the Violet Livery, but in the end we tried it to see it in Minecraft and finally we released it.

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only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+

Livery Corsa
Corsa is an Express Train from GR Nemesis which will only stop at large stations, the color of Corsa is taken from the red color of Ferrari which gives the impression of Racing and Fast...

use GRTC controller
only for Minecraft Bedrock & PE v1.20+