ADDON KAI Pembangkit Hypetrip


Behind the splendor and luxury of the Hypetrip train, there is a carefully hidden secret: an extremely rare and sought after power plant. Not only that, this generator has also become the center of attention in people's daily conversations, especially among mothers who often make it the subject of gossip and rumors. The power plant is called "Aurora," the name given by the train engineer who created it. Aurora is a revolutionary technology that uses environmentally friendly natural resources to produce energy. Unlike conventional plants, Aurora uses solar and kinetic energy, making it not only efficient, but also very environmentally friendly. Aurora's uniqueness makes it the target of many people. Many people are trying to get to the secrets behind this technology, but these secrets are closely guarded by a brilliant team of engineers. News about Aurora's existence spread quickly, and along with it, gossip emerged among mothers linking it to the increase in vegetable prices. Several women at the local market began to describe Aurora as the "cause" of the sudden increase in vegetable prices. They believe that the energy produced by Aurora has caused the growth of vegetables to become more rapid and lush, which in turn has resulted in shortages and increased prices. Even though these claims were unfounded, these rumors continued to spread, making Aurora increasingly well known among the citizens. However, amidst the gossip and speculation, there is a deeper truth about Aurora. The power plant has helped reduce Hypetrip's carbon footprint, making it one of the most environmentally friendly trains in the world. Aurora is a reflection of the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation, creating a cleaner and greener future for everyone. Despite the persistent rumors, Aurora's whereabouts remain a mystery surrounding this technological marvel. Behind it all, Hypetrip continues to gallop forward, taking its passengers to their destination quickly, comfortably and classily, while Aurora's secrets remain hidden among the clatter of the majestic train wheels.


You need GRTC to control the train